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Virtual Office Space Vs Traditional Office Space

A virtual office solution is an excellent option to consider if you are a small - medium business owner. Often referred to as an 'instant office' it is now recognised as one of the best business decisions you can apply to a start-up or small business.

Why? Because it delivers a very good solution to the two biggest constraints on your business today - time and money.

Problem: Not enough time for to run your business?

Solution: An online virtual office - enlist the help of the experts who will do it in a quarter of the time it will take you. By doing this you can get on with the business of running your business and investing your time in what you do well and concentrate on growing your sales.

Problem: Not enough capital to invest in your business?

Solution: You don't need any capital with an instant office! Think about the money you can save using this option and put your capital to much better use in your business. You can't do this with a conventional office.

Problem: No business address for enquiries, accounts and new business?

Solution: An Address Package showing a prestigious business address makes it such an easy option and enhances your professional business image.

Problem: Nowhere to conduct a professional meeting with some potential clients? Home office not a good look?

Solution: If you want to present the best face of your company and impress your clients, why not use the facilities of a fully equipped state of the art boardroom and meeting rooms in a modern complex.

Imagine what your clients will think.....and say about you? Successful, professional and confident.

Problem: No-one to answer your phone?

Solution: A Communications Package will deliver the perfect solution for you. A dedicated professional receptionist will answer your phone as if she was your own, in a professional and friendly manner. A timely response to enquiries and instructions can make or break your business and late follow-up will be viewed as sloppy and disorganised, not to mention potential lost revenue and word of mouth referrals.

Problem: You don't have the technology to send potential clients proposals, brochures or downloads and you need to action quickly.

A virtual office solves this problem too. With the amazing technology available today, it's just a matter of a few clicks and someone at the other end is attending to your business.

Too much to attend to, tight turnaround times, lacking an assistant, organisational skills not up to scratch, lack of technical ability, need a meeting room at short notice....IT'S ALL SORTED with a virtual office.