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Whether you need your calls answered, your business mail forwarded, or simply a prestigious Auckland address to add a little sophisticated flair to your company, one of our virtual packages can meet your needs. Find out how we can help make the best of your business, together.

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When the home office starts to become more “office” than “home”, but the cost of renting a building in the city makes you blanche, mCubed can offer a happy medium. Our shared office spaces can accommodate many kinds of businesses and stuff numbers. Find out how we can help you today.

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If you have a big meeting with clients or executives coming up and you know that having a coffee in a busy café just won’t cut it, mCubed’s executive boardroom is available to hire. If you require a more casual atmosphere but still need that professional touch, we have more relaxed settings as well. Click below to find the space for you.

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“It’s all around relationship. If you want to be inspired, you want to be around people who inspire you.”

Relationships are one of the core foundations on which mCubed Services Offices was founded, by business partners Virginia Gomes and Josephine Sutton, promoting life goals (not business goals) as the key driver behind success.

“It’s important to surround yourself with people who are like-minded. You can’t do it on your own, so you need to have a group of people around you that you can depend on.” -Virginia

The founders of mCubed are no strangers to the difficulties business people are facing in today’s uncertain economic climate, particularly for smaller companies, where everything from the cost of running your own venture to maintaining the bottom line can start to chip away at you on a daily basis.

Having faced and overcome these kinds of workplace struggles personally, mCubed was created with a vision of a trimmed down, economically-friendly work environment that prioritized healthy relationships between staff and clients alike as the key to building strong businesses, not just for mCubed alone, but for all companies and individuals who sign on with us.

Professional setbacks and hardships are trying times for anyone, but you can learn something from them, and what Virginia learned from her experiences was the value of surrounding yourself with people who get you, whom you can trust, and to whom you can offload when things get tough and you’re feeling isolated.

Everything that mCubed provides for its clients today – the trappings of a professionally-run firm but with the benefits of working from home, and a friendly, welcoming work environment for those businesses that need somewhere to set up shop – are no accident. Years of hard work and experience, of successes and failures, have taught us not just what is needed to run a successful business, but what is needed to help others succeed.

“I say it to my clients all the time – someone has to back you. You have to get out of bed every morning and you have to tell yourself: I’m good at what I do, I’m going to have a good day. And that’s really hard, you can’t do it on your own.”

All these ups and downs have strengthened Jo and Virginia, and they have followed their vision and convictions to run many successful companies and ventures, of which they consider mCubed to be the ‘crown jewel’, as it allows others to benefit from their experiences, and grow together to achieve limitless potential, not struggle needlessly in isolation.

“It really is all around relationship. My clients like meeting other clients. People love being around successful people because, if you want to be inspired, you want to be around people who inspire you.”

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