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17 May, 2021

Growing your staff, shrinking your space

In our last post, we went into how a virtual office package can help you and your business save money on unnecessary costs and exorbitant rent, so now let’s delve into what this means you will be able to spend that money on.

Firstly, having more cash in the bank allows you to invest in your most important asset: your staff. It’s a no-brainer to say that many hands make light work, and the more staff you have at your disposal will naturally allow your business to distribute and delegate work among a larger team. If you are a company whose employees regularly need to travel to clients or make appointments in multiple places, having more staff can allow you to assign a team to specific areas, rather than have one or two people jet setting all over the place.

The flexibility provided by cutting out physical office space and commute times also expands the talent pool you can look to, no longer being limited to people working locally. Going virtual means you can now manage staff who work in other cities or even other countries and handle your expanding business in multiple territories at once. For some businesses that previously maintained a home office and already had external agents working elsewhere, taking up a virtual package removes the potential feeling of these staff feeling excluded due to being separated from the rest of the team.

If you are balking at the idea of having your team so spread out and are tied to the image of everyone marching into the office every day, remember that physical offices have just as many limitations as they do benefits, particularly if you are a smaller business trying to find your feet and what works best for you. What a virtual office allows for is flexibility and growth. You don’t have to be tied to one location, you can take your business anywhere and your virtual office can still relay calls and emails to you.

The potential for growth with a virtual office is huge. Imagine that you are a start-up company, even a one-man operation. While you’re getting things up and running, you sign on with a virtual office, who inform you of client queries or business letters. After a few months of working out of your flat or even on the road, you realise you’re doing well enough to hire an extra employee to lighten your workload. Then, you can hire someone else to operate permanently in another part of the city. Maybe you hire someone in another country entirely.

Throughout these changes, your virtual office and expand and grow with you, potentially ensuring that different staff members are contacted about specific accounts or clients, giving your customers the impression that you are a large, possibly multi-national corporation.

Next time, we’ll go into the other kinds of support that can be provided by mCubed.

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