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19 Apr, 2021

That all-important first impression

Image and perception go a long way in business. Everything from the tone of your email to the area your company operates from creates an impression for potential clients or partners. However, if you are a smaller business or just starting out, it’s not always financially possible to rent out a sprawling corporate office in a chrome-and-glass tower in the CBD.

This is where an address package comes into play. For a monthly fee significantly lower than any rent payment, mCubed provides your company with the use of our corporate office address in Auckland’s metropolitan Mt Eden district. This can be displayed on your company website, printed on business cards and included in your email signature. Though in reality, your company might just be you and a friend working from your laptops in a studio apartment, the address package projects an image of professionalism and sophistication to any clients who might be Googling your business.

The impression made from a client being able to look up your company and seeing a high-profile office building instead of a home address and mobile number can provide invaluable trust and credibility for your business. By making use of an address package or one of our other virtual office suites, you can keep your home office free of excess business mail and other clutter and let us deal with it all for you. It may seem like a small thing, but all those circulars and bill reminders can stack up, and it’s easy for something important to get lost or forgotten about in the shuffle. mCubed will process all your mail according to your exacting specifications, eliminating all junk mail and notifying you of anything important or urgent, leaving your home uncluttered and feng shui friendly and giving you more time to spend focusing on your actual work instead of dozens of letters you just do not have the time to deal with.

Essentially, our address package functions to make your job easier, run smoother and, most importantly, cheaper. You won’t be inundated with scads of mail and your clients will be reassured that they are putting their trust and their business into the hands of a company that looks to be based in a high-profile city environment. This immediate perception will inform a potential client’s opinion of your business before they even get in touch with you and, with mCubed, you can be sure that first impression will be a great one.

Next week, we’ll be getting a little bit more in-depth about the other features and benefits of your new address package that might not be immediately obvious.

Taking care of your office,