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Virtual Office in Auckland

With working from home becoming a more viable alternative all the time, leasing a traditional office building can start to seem like an expensive extra rather than a necessity. The virtual office solutions that we provide in Auckland are a much smarter alternative. You’ll have lower costs, maximum flexibility and you can work from anywhere. You’ll also get many of the benefits of a physical office, including a prestigious address, receptionist facilities, and a range of other services.

With all of our virtual services, mCubed is dedicated to providing absolute discretion for our customers. All business mail we receive for you is dealt with according to your specific instructions; if you want us to open your letters and scan them through to you, we can provide that service, but if you prefer that nobody views these documents, we can simply notify you of anything that has come into the office for you and it will be stored in your secure, private file until such time as you or one of your representatives can collect it.

Another feature that really sets mCubed apart from the competition is our flexibility. Though the core of our business is the three virtual packages you see listed here, the AddressCommunications and Complete Packages, we can combine these with some of our other services in a monthly package tailored to your needs. If you have our address package and regularly have your mail sent to us but also have several client meetings a month, we can easily provide you with a particular number of hours use in our executive boardroom for a flat fee, depending on your meeting requirements. If you have all your calls forwarded through to us but need at least one day a week of not working in your own home, we can provide you with one of our hot desks to set up shop for the day, free of distractions.

We can also provide more in-depth secretarial and reception services if required, such as email monitoring and scheduling, for an additional fee. Browse through our virtual packages and get in touch with us today so we can design the perfect package to make your business easier.

Discretion & Security

At mCubed, we value the security and satisfaction of our clients above all else. To that end, all of our virtual customers are required to provide accurate, verified documentation to confirm their identity and the legal registration of their company, to comply with New Zealand Anti-Money Laundering laws and guidelines. This ensures the validity of all businesses and entities associated with mCubed and ultimately protects the most important people, our clients.

We are also available to provide assistance or answer questions to help guide you through this application process if you are unfamiliar with the current AML laws. If you are unsure about any of these requirements, give us a call today and our team will be more than happy to talk you through the process step by step.