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28 Apr, 2021

Your office away from home

Last time, we talked about the uses of our virtual address package, the image it projects to your clients and the impression it can create for your business to even a casual observer. But our address package goes beyond providing a postcode. For all intents and purposes, we function as your office away from home. You have the option of having all business mail redirected to this address, meaning your personal workspace doesn’t need to be cluttered up with a lot of paper you really don’t have time or space for. Operating to your instructions, we can filter out all junk mail and notify you of any important letters or parcels that come into the office. You have the option of having this stored in a private client file until you are able to collect it or have it redirected, or you can give us leave to open and scan through mail to your email address. All mail opened for the purposes of the address package is completely confidential and will not be viewed by anyone other than our admin staff.

There is also the option to use our office address as a nominated “drop zone”; packages or letters can be brought into our office by either you or one of your clients, and we will keep it in storage until it is collected by the nominated person, who will be required to show ID and sign off for the package to ensure discretion and confidentiality.

Like all of our packages, our address package is completely flexible and able to be tailored to your needs. If you were hoping for a particular service that isn’t listed above, feel free to call or email us and we will do our best to accommodate your needs. When used as part of the complete package, which combines our address and communication packages, this service can cover many of the basic services you need to take the stress out of your business, allowing you to focus on doing the work you love without paying exorbitant rental fees.


Taking care of your office,